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Berlin: A Love Letter

7 Jul

This is a love letter written about 6 months ago to one of my favourite cities ever visited. It is cheesy, but I feel it says everything about my love for this city that I could ever express.

I never thought I would love you. I never expected to feel anything other than scant interest for you. And I never envisaged that a year on, I would still be dreaming about you. The photos I’d seen and the stories I’d heard could never have prepared me in the slightest for the body blow that was you.


The name alone: beautiful to those who have had a glimpse of your soul, perhaps plain to those who haven’t. But we both know that’s their loss. The the tongue in cheek symbolism hidden in those two short syllables. Ber-lin. The Berlin Bear mascots at every vending stall; waffles at 10 pm drenched in Nutella in the centre of a christmas market; snow to the waist with more predicted; wreaths of light draped around the city at every corner; the history: creation, devastation, resurrection. The streets and boulevards. The endless cycles of bread and meat that pass as meals. The Egyptian pyramid themed bowling alley hidden away on the top floor of an innocuous building.


No other city could ever have a tenth of your spirit, your unique charm. And besides from my home town, only one other city fascinates me as much as you. But there I speak the language and understand what’s happening.

Berlin, I love you.



City Dreaming

6 Jul

Well, depressingly I don’t have any photos of Cambridge. I feel I should say that now, to tone down anyone’s disappointment (not that my shaky shots of various buildings would have excited anyone, but, y’know, it’s the thought that counts).

But I did completely fall in love with Cambridge while I was there. Very different to my hometown (Oxford, referred to in Cambridge as “that other place”), and not necessarily better-different. Quieter, smaller, more tourists (which I honestly did not think was possible). But anyway, yes. Beautiful.

And so I can tick Cambridge off on the grand “

    List of Cities and Countries that I Really Want to go to”

And, in the spirit of blogging, I thought I’d share the rest. Feel free to argue, comment, add or subtract.

In no particular order:

New York
Madrid (again, but for longer)
Berlin (again)
Macchu Picchu
San Francisco
Southern Italy
South America

And possibly more I’ve forgotten. They will be added later when remembered!