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City Dreaming

6 Jul

Well, depressingly I don’t have any photos of Cambridge. I feel I should say that now, to tone down anyone’s disappointment (not that my shaky shots of various buildings would have excited anyone, but, y’know, it’s the thought that counts).

But I did completely fall in love with Cambridge while I was there. Very different to my hometown (Oxford, referred to in Cambridge as “that other place”), and not necessarily better-different. Quieter, smaller, more tourists (which I honestly did not think was possible). But anyway, yes. Beautiful.

And so I can tick Cambridge off on the grand “

    List of Cities and Countries that I Really Want to go to”

And, in the spirit of blogging, I thought I’d share the rest. Feel free to argue, comment, add or subtract.

In no particular order:

New York
Madrid (again, but for longer)
Berlin (again)
Macchu Picchu
San Francisco
Southern Italy
South America

And possibly more I’ve forgotten. They will be added later when remembered!