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How to…successfully study

2 Jul

I won’t lie, this post is inspired a little bit by the many incredibly useful “Organize…Please” posts of The College Prepster. But, nevertheless, there are some things that I have found really help me to keep super organised (or at least, not drowning in paper), and I thought that this is the ideal place to share them!

#1 (And, interestingly, the most recent as well): Microsoft Office OneNote.

I’m not really an Apple girl-I love my iPod, but I just find Windows so comforting (I grew up in an age when computers were still kinda new, and it was the only software ever installed). And I can’t stand all the special opening animations and effects when all I want to do is open a document.

But despite my evident love of Windows, I never really noticed all the features it had given me. That is, until I was looking through my programs and noticed OneNote. And it is brilliant. I can use it to collect links I may need at a further date; to plan trips (it has been invaluable for planning Open Days, as well as comparing courses); to make huge, colour coded lists of things I need to buy…honestly, I can’t imagine being without it. And a major point for the forgetful teenager? You never have to save it, because it saves itself. I know.

Although having eulogised about it, I haven’t yet got used to its To Do feature, where you can cross off little boxes by tasks-although I love the concept, I can never remember to do it, and despite feeling like it, I don’t really do enough on the Computer to be able to note everything down. Nevertheless, OneNote is awesome, and it doesn’t get any credit. So here’s some; go use it.


#2 Google Chrome

I realise this is something of a departure from my previous post, but I love Chrome. The choice of themes, and sheer flexibility of the extensions you can install makes it absolutely perfect. Don’t get me wrong, Internet Explorer isn’t horrible-but I always feel something is missing. The main extensions I use are: AdBlock, StayFocused (allows you to limit the amount of time you’re allowed on a certain site or sites per day. Best frenemy ever), Google Mail Checker (so I don’t feel I constantly have to be going back and forth to check it and procrastinate in the process), the Amazon Wish List Adder (kept in constant use), and Google Tasks (which I mainly use for noting emails I have to reply to). Themes: at the minute Rebecca Taylor, but only because I wanted a change from Kate Spade-which is beautiful.

#3 Folders

Seems quite basic this one-until you see my locker. I have a folder for everything. History project folder? Tick. University information folder? Tick. Letters that need addressing? Tick.

You get the idea. But having everything I need in front of me whenever I need it is the best feeling! Although my arms do get tired;  I think it’s a fair price to pay. I do realise that I have just described the old fashioned version of OneNote-but some ideas are classic.