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Bennet Blogging

9 Jul

I know a lot of people have already heard of the particular theme of today’s post, but I just couldn’t resist posting on it, following on the theme of books begun yesterday!

The particular theme is, of course, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Essentially, this is a vlog (video blog) done by a modern day Lizzie Bennet. It was created by Hank Green and Bernie Sue, and it is amazing. Honestly, the characters are so well adapted that sometimes you forget the source (sorry Jane Austen). It’s so realistic that there are hundreds of YouTube comments saying things like “OMG THIS IS A BOOK?!?” and “what’s this pride and prejudice people keep mentioning?”. I sincerely hope they’re joking; from the volume I doubt it.

But honestly, go and watch the videos. They post two a week (Mondays and Thursdays, I may be a little obsessed), and they are so brilliant. Next week we finally get to see Bing Lee (Yes, Bingley)! My favourite it Kitty-who has been transformed into Lydia’s adoring cat. The subtext was always there really.


I went to a lecture a few months ago on adapting classic works for a modern audience, and although I wasn’t too sure on the conclusion of that lecture, these videos really have convinced me that when done well, with this level of sensitivity and wit, it can rejuvenate the book. So go and watch the first one (and enjoy the adorbs. You’ll get it later)